Options of Transportation to Blue Lagoon

The only way to reach the Blue Lagoon is to use a boat service. The most common way is to get a Ferry from Cirkewwa or Marfa. The other common option is to get a day cruise boat from Sliema Ferry or Bugibba. There is also the possibility of hiring a private boat, but this, of course, is the most expensive option.

Visit Blue Lagoon by Ferry

Option 1: By bus till you reach Cirkewwa and then catch a Ferry to Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino and the very first thing to do is to get to the city of Cirkewwa or Marfa.  From any of these two, you can catch ferries running regularly (more or less every 30 minutes) to Blue Lagoon. Look out for the boats which say “Comino Ferry”. 

  • From Valletta: You can take a direct bus number 41 or 42 that rides for about 90 minutes. Since you are departing from the main station, finding a decent seat is almost guaranteed. 
  • From Floriana: Same as from Valletta you can take the bus number 41 and 42 for a ride of about 90 minutes.
  • From Sliema: take the bus number 222, this is a direct bus and it drives for about 80 minutes, departing every 15 to 30 minutes and can possibly make 56 stops from Sliema.
  • From St. Julians: take the bus number 222, this is a direct bus and it drives for about 80 minutes, departing every 15 to 30 minutesand can make about 49 bus stops. 
  • From Bugibba: You can take the bus 221 with about 30 minutes drive. This bus circulates with a frequency of 30 minutes.
  • From Qawra: You can take the bus 221 with about 30 minutes drive. Bus passes every 30 minutes.
  • From Xemxija: You can take the bus 221 with about 30 minutes drive. This bus leaves every 30 minutes.
  • From Mellieha: all the buses with direction to Cirkewwaare a good.
  • From the Airport: Bus X1 drives for about 60 minutes and leaves every 35-40 minutes.

What to note:

  • For a bus to stop you should make a clear sign to the driver by raising your hand when the bus is approaching and make yourself visible while staying on the side walk.
  • Buses in Malta are not necessarily stopping on all the bus stops, so remember that even if on the timetable there are many bus stops, in reality they make less. When approaching your bus stop, ring the bell to avoid missing your stop.

Visit Blue Lagoon on a Day Cruise

Option 2: Excursions to Blue Lagoon from Sliema, St.Julians and Bugibba.

On the island of Malta there are companies offering day cruises to the Blue Lagoon. Departures are at 10.00 and return at 18.00 with fixed time. The prices can vary from €25 to €50 depends on what package and type of boat you choose. Most include food and drinks in the price. We advise visitors to arrive to the departure point ahead of time and get in the queue to get better places. Always check the details of your deal on your ticket.
  • From Sliema by boat: In Sliema Ferry you will find many boats and many offices where you can buy the tickets from. Tickets vary from €25 to €70 when you buy and all-inclusive. Make sure you speak to an official representative of the company you buy your tickets from. Operators are: Hera CruisesCaptain Morgan.
  • From St. Julian’s by boat: From St. Julian’s there are departures with smaller boats, such as speed boats and the usual price is €50 per person. Consider that these boats are faster but also smaller and more prone to be affected by wind and waves.
  • From Bugibba by boat:Bugibba would be a stop for the boats coming from Sliema and St. Julian’s. Prices are a bit cheaper due to a shorter distance, between €15 to €20. The only route operators that depart from Bugibba as main first departure are Sea Adventure and Horn Blower.
Things to note: Make sure not to be late for departure because these type of boats will not wait or come back for anyone who misses the departure. Choose your most suitable option:

Visit Blue Lagoon on a Private Boat

Option 3: Visit Blue Lagoon on a Private Boat/Yacht

More people are discovering that for a better experience (with no crowds) of Blue Lagoon, it is best to visit by a chartered private boat. This option particularly suitable for groups as the total expense can be divided between the group members. The prices are between €450 and €700 for a day on a private sailing yacht and usually include skipper and fuel. The price depends on the size of the group.

This option will allow you to visit Blue Lagoon at your own peace and pace. You can still swim to shore and buy food and drinks even though usually this type of boat has both kitchen and fridge on board.

Ask your captain to include the Blue Lagoon in the route and time it when the lagoon is less crowded to enjoy it at its best. Ask him for suggestions about other bays to see on the way.

You can ask for a quotation here.

Things to note:

  • Ask what is included in the price. 
  • Ask if you can bring your own food and drinks on board if you wish to do so.
  • Ask your captain about his license to avoid having your day ruined by local authorities. Remember that in Malta to have clients on board of a boat the captain must have a Boat Master issued by Maltese authorities.

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