Comino Hotel

This Hotel is situated overlooking San Niklaw Bay on the island of Comino.

The hotel is right at the Bay and it has an easy access to the beach with crystal water for your enjoyment. There are two private sandy beaches for the exclusive use of the guests, as well as two large swimming pools, one for adults and another for children.

Just at ten minute walk away you can find the Bungalows, located in the lovely Santa Maria Bay. They have their own private rocky swimming area, and are only one hundred metres away from the sandy beach inside the bay. You can journey from the Bungalows to the Hotel in two minutes with our complimentary mini-bus service.

You will be impressed by  the outdoor living area close to the fabulous sea here. There are diving and water sports centres and many other activities.


One and only accommodation near the Blue Lagoon is the Hotel Comino. This hotel provides rooms and bungalows near the Blue Lagoon.